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    SleekSpaces is proud to be the primary source of furniture and accessories for some of the worlds leading architects and interior designers. SleekSpaces is your singular source for commercial and residential style, offering discounts for large commercial orders and resellers.

    Incorporating the very best examples of elegance, quality and excellent workmanship, from across many stylistic groups and genres, we collect the definitive works of internationally acclaimed designers, both past and present.

    We are also happy to custom design and manufacture pieces for your particular needs and preferences. If uniqueness is what you aspire to - look no further.

    We have carefully selected workshops and manufacturers specializing in particular crafts and materials - to ensure that the physical manifestation of your dream design meets your expectations.

    Although we offer the most sophisticated, iconographic furniture our cultures have ever produced, this remains a uniquely hands on family business. It is deeply inculcated into our ethos that each and every inquiry. and ultimately every order, emanates from an extremely valuable client, with no exceptions. We have a deep professional understanding of our business through lifelong involvement in architecture, interior design, art and shipping. We are always available to you to work on all and any related projects you may have. We are honored and delighted to be thought of as the "back room boys" for many interior designers, property managers and architects.


    The Sourcing Team